Why choose Stabell Consulting?


  • Legal background with extensive experience in the cross field between legal, commercial and project oriented issues.
  • Deep knowledge with regards to targeting key stakeholders and governmental entities as well as building partnerships and relationships with partners and customers. 
  • Extensive experience with defining, implementing and executing business strategies and market entry plans.
  • Vast knowledge of practical contractual risk management.
  • Extensive experience from on- and offshore shore wind turbine sale and purchase negotiations (+3,100MW negotiated contracts).
  • Having led offshore wind project developments.
  • Strong communications skills.
  • Excellent management skills, having managed people in multiple countries and locations simultaneously. 

Stabell Consulting provides advice and services within the following areas

Procurement and Supply Agreements


Peter Stabell has acted as lead negotiator in multiple procurement/sales scenarios within the renewable and the oil & gas industry, both onshore and offshore. 


Peter Stabell has been directly involved with the negotiation of +3,100MW wind turbine sales and service & maintenance agreements, and the corresponding back to back subcontractor agreements.


Stabell Consulting can assist you with:

  • Formulate & structure procurement plans, outline and run tenders, evaluate bids, and manage and run contract negotiations of project procurement agreements.
  • Structure supply contracts and negotiate terms & conditions with vendors, hereunder warranties, service obligations and other commercial terms. 
  • Balance assumed contractual risk and improve bankability of contracts and projects.

Business and Project Development


Peter Stabell has been responsible for developing business plans, targeting key stakeholders and governmental entities, building partnerships and relationships with customers. 


Peter Stabell has developed and executed market entry plans for onshore wind turbine sales opportunities in multiple jurisdictions and has developed offshore wind joint ventures as well as onshore and offshore wind projects.

Stabell Consulting can assist you with:

  • Market intelligence and feasibility studies as well as regulatory overviews when entering new markets or market segments.
  • Develop and formulate market entry strategies and plans.
  • Develop investment plans for projects and markets.
  • Design, develop and formulate investment prospectus' for project investment opportunities.
  • Manage all stages of project development.

Transactions and Acquisitions


Peter Stabell has over the last 19 years in worked transactions of multiple kind, having managed and overlooked complex transactions and negotiations, with vendors, suppliers, financiers and governmental institutions, covering project and asset acquisitions as well as general partnerships.


Stabell Consulting can assist you with:

  • Finding the right projects and assets to fit your portfolio.
  • Formulate and negotiate project & asset purchase and sales agreements.
  • Set-up, define, manage and run due diligence scopes and processes.
  • Formulate partnership plans, find the right partners, and negotiate partnership contracts and agreements.



Peter Stabell has through the years managed teams, departments and projects in multiple countries and locations and has thus deep knowledge in building and executing high performance teams. 


Peter Stabell has excellent communication and leadership skills and an emphatic mindset.


Stabell Consulting can assist you with:

  • Interim management of teams.
  • Setup and manage projects
  • Review projects and project organisations and highlight areas of improvements and changes. 

Stabell Consulting


Email: peter@stabell.eu Phone: +45 29 666 242

Address: Hoergaardsvej 39b, 8240 Risskov, Denmark

CVR-no: 39179784

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